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If your Cleveland, OH business could use the absolute best in plastics and resins, then there is only one manufacturer you should call. At Integrated Chemical Concepts Inc, we employ a team of noted experts as well as the heights of technology and equipment to create the compounds you need to be successful. It really is that simple.

Not only are we known to specialize in the most advanced clean wall technology you will find with any manufacturer in the region, but we provide products with enhanced electrical properties and electrostatic dissipation that will put the polymers in your plastics right every time. We have the enhanced electrical polymers Cleveland, OH plastics specialists need to keep their products at a high quality. You will not find this level of expertise in any other plastics and resin manufacturer in the area.

We handle the static dissipation companies in the Cleveland, OH area rely on to keep their products in good shape. And do not forget to ask us about our advanced empty foiling. When it comes to precision plastics, you have found the right experts with Integrated Chemical Concepts Inc. We can guarantee you will never need another manufacturer. Our quick turnaround times and amazing rates are what keep our customers coming back, and our superior products are what keep them successful.

For precision plastics that cannot be beat in the Cleveland, OH region, give us a call at Integrated Chemical Concepts Inc today. We have the technology to create superior products every time.