Electrostatic Dissipation

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Electrostatic Dissipation

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At Integrated Chemical Concepts Inc, we have the electrostatic discharge manufacturers in Cleveland, OH have come to rely on for their plastics. Electrostatic dissipation is truly what makes precision plastics work, creating the sudden electrical flow needed to cool down those polymers and make plastics ready to mold. Our compounds are what you need to create the electrostatic dissipation for your precision plastics.

We have a true passion for our chosen science at Integrated Chemical Concepts Inc. This is why we invest in the state-of-the-art equipment and technology that assures a quality product and result each and every time. We also invest in a staff of dedicated experts who fully understand electrostatic dissipation and wish to create the best compounds for your business. We love precision plastics and work hard to perfect our science. This means nothing but good things for your business, including the best in electrostatic dissipation.

We have the ESD Cleveland, OH manufacturers need to continue to produce the best in precision plastics. We know this science like the backs of our hands and always strive to stay on top of any developments in the field. This is how we stay on top of the competition when it comes to electrostatic dissipation and the cooling of polymers for molding in precision plastics.

Make sure to enlist the electrostatic dissipation services of Integrated Chemical Concepts Inc to keep your product up to the standards of your customers. Become another in a long line of Cleveland, OH businesses who depend on the electrostatic dissipation we provide for our customers. Call us now.